Terms and Conditions

City Games is a subscription service which contains Various HTML and Android games.

1. Charges will be made on your mobile bill or deducted from your mobile balance. Network charges may apply.

2. For Customer Support: Email Us: care@collectcent.com.

3. By clicking "Subscribe Now", you agree to be subscribed the service.

4.By giving your mobile number to us through the internet, via our online adverts or any other promotions, you will gain access to games of City Games . You confirm that you are over the age of 16 and have the permission of the bill payer

5. Parents Guidance Necessary for children below 16.

6. Should a mobile network operator encounter failed delivery attempts of a premium message prior to a user sending in the STOP command / Unsubscribe Instructions, the network may still attempt to re-deliver the failed message even after the STOP command / Unsubscribe method has been sent to the promoter. Users understand and accept that the promoter has no control in this matter. However the promoter will ensure that no new premium messages are generated by the promoter after receipt of a valid stop command. All STOP commands / Unsubscribe method are answered by a free text confirming the STOP command / Unsubscribe method and the cancellation of the subscription as explained in the Unsubscribe section of this page.

7. To Unsubscribe from this service, send STOP to XXXX

8. Any Smartphone is compatible for our service

9. Service provided by: Collectcent Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.